Used Cooking Oil

Clover Energy is active in the used cooking oil and yellow grease sourcing and trading business. We currently source from several Global locations and we serve markets in North America, Europe and the West Africa. We welcome contact from both buyers and suppliers.

The utilization of the Used Cooking Oil (UCO), Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO), Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO) as an option to optimize feedstock costs in Biodiesel production helps manufacturers control their costs and serves as a tool for improving the waste oil disposal mechanism. Moreover, locally generated waste vegetable oil represents a feedstock that has the least impact on the environment in terms of energy use, food displacement, and emissions production. Nevertheless, continuing uncertainty of the state regulatory framework, as well as very volatile demand and prices of UCO methyl ester (UCOME), Tallow methyl Ester (TME) and Animal fats create a challenging market framework.

Used cooking oil quality we deal with on a daily basis is the Used cooking oil with 5% free fatty acids content and water and impurities at 1-2% level. In addition, we can provide premium quality as well as distillated UCO.

For biodiesel production, specification varies somewhat by producer and equipment. Generally FFA max 10%, but FFA 5% and below is ideal. MIU should be below 2%, and additionally filtration to 5 micron is ideal, but up to 100 micron is generally acceptable.